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Quadlet: Running Podman containers under systemd

Tags: #container,#linux,#selfhosting

Reading time: ~12min

Quadlet lets you run your Podman containers as systemd services. This is especially useful for running containers in the background and automatically starting them after a server reboot.

Running Podman containers under systemd isn't new. Indeed, this was supported by Podman for a long time with the command podman generate systemd. But this command now shows a deprecation warning to migrate to Quadlet.

For some months, I was too lazy to do that migration on my home server. Why even touch a working system? But now that I finally found time for it, I really appreciate Quadlet! I think that Podman finally has a Docker Compose alternative which is even more flexible and powerful!

In this blog post, I will explain how to use Quadlet with rootless Podman and migrate from the old method with podman generate systemd.

Containerized PostgreSQL with rootless Podman

Tags: #container,#linux,#database

Reading time: ~9min

This post is about running rootless Podman containers with PostgreSQL as a central example 📦️

The post serves as an optional preparation for the next post about interacting with databases with SQLx in Rust 🦀

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