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Quadlet: Running Podman containers under systemd

Tags: #container,#linux,#selfhosting

Reading time: ~12min

Quadlet lets you run your Podman containers as systemd services. This is especially useful for running containers in the background and automatically starting them after a server reboot.

Running Podman containers under systemd isn't new. Indeed, this was supported by Podman for a long time with the command podman generate systemd. But this command now shows a deprecation warning to migrate to Quadlet.

For some months, I was too lazy to do that migration on my home server. Why even touch a working system? But now that I finally found time for it, I really appreciate Quadlet! I think that Podman finally has a Docker Compose alternative which is even more flexible and powerful!

In this blog post, I will explain how to use Quadlet with rootless Podman and migrate from the old method with podman generate systemd.

Killing in the name of Privacy

Tags: #web,#linux,#foss,#selfhosting

Reading time: ~11min

An AD blocker killed a project that I was working on for 4 months. It was one commit adding 2 lines that killed 419 commits with more than 2000 total lines of code.

The script that powers my project was placed on the filter list "EasyPrivacy". But is the project that I designed with privacy as the first feature trying to invade your privacy?

This brings up the topic about telemetry in FOSS projects. Is telemetry inherently bad? Is there a way to collect telemetry without comprimising privacy?

Containerized PostgreSQL with rootless Podman

Tags: #container,#linux,#database

Reading time: ~9min

This post is about running rootless Podman containers with PostgreSQL as a central example 📦️

The post serves as an optional preparation for the next post about interacting with databases with SQLx in Rust 🦀

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